Yuval’s garden

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My name is Yuval.
I’m passionate ecological gardener and I’m living in Binyamina, a beautiful small town of Israel.Founded in 1922 and named after the Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild, Binyamina was built on the land bought by Pica (Palestine Jewish Colonization Association) in the center of Israel, is near the Natural Reserve of Carmel mountains and the sea and it is at 0f 40 minutes distance by train from Tel Aviv and Haifa. Many of the new citizens of Binyamina are working in the big cities enjoying their dream: a beautiful and large villa with a rich garden of ornamental and fruit trees, of  flowers and  vegetables in Jewish town, on the Jewish (undisputed) land with the price of a small three rooms flat in Tel Aviv…
Why I’m telling this? Because even that I have the largest ecological bio-garden of Binyamina, I’m not selling my healthy vegetables and tasty fruits but I’m sharing them with my friends that some are also my happy clients. The third generation in Binyamina and with a vast knowledge of the community, I’m selling Real Estate: land for agriculture and construction, houses, villas, apartments. In this blog I will speak about my Dream Garden but also about the dreams of others, my friends and my customers; I’m proud that I helped them to accomplish their dream. This is the first dream:

The house with a garden of Adriana and Mirel

Freelancers, designers and illustrators, six years ago they sold their 4 rooms flat in Raanana and they bought a 7 room semi-detached house on a 400 square meters and they created an ornamental garden with a vegetable plot and exotic fruit trees ; I’m glad that I helped them to create their green paradise for them and… their two dogs